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Exhibit Production
-The making of the giant walkthrough heart valve
-Articles about our exhibit design
-Heartthrob™ Costume
- Get to the Heart of the Matter.
-Artists put 'heart' into everything they're creating.
-Work in Progress
-Making of the electroluminescent artery display

Ceramic Art
- Recent Work
- Vase with scuptural cups
- Crystalline Platters
- Vase with writhing man
- Crystalline Plates
- Snake Vase
- Ice Cream pot
- Sculptural vase
- Hands of Time
- Vase with ball shaped lid
- Rounded spool shaped raku fired vase
- Crystal Glazed Bowl
- High Fire Large Vase
- High fired ceramic vase with wasp
- Square Shaped Bowls
- Triangle Shaped Bowls
- Heart Shaped Bowls
- Design and order your own heart shaped bowl
- Musical vase with ears
- Custom Handmade Sinks
- Crystalline Glazed Sinks
- Handmade Sinks
- Handcrafted Sinks
- Custom Sinks
- Handmade basin sinks
- Handmade vessel sinks
- Unusual and unique vessel sinks
- Artistic sinks
- Original Sinks
- Sinks in stock now
- Really Cool sinks
- Handmade Tile
- Famous pottery shoppers
- Soap Dispenser pumps
- Mason Jar Soap Pumps
- Custom Soap Pump Tops
- Yellow raku vase
- Large raku pot with carved surface
- Small raku pot
- Raku sky pot
- Vase with fly
- Ceramic jar with sculptured lid
- Round tea bowls
- Square decoration vase
- Raku pottery technique
- Turquoise crystaline vase
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Curriculum Vitae
644 Indian Trail
Palm Springs,
California, USA 92262


  • University of Southern California, Riverside, Extension, TESL Certificate, 2008.

  • University of Southern California Riverside, Extension, three years of classes in Chinese language, 2005-2008 Non- degree.

  • The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, Bachelor of Science, Biological/Medical Illustration. Graduated cum laude 1986.

  • Columbus College of Art and Design Non-degree night classes 1982-1986.

  • Jersey City State College, New Jersey, 1982. Honors Art program, Non-degree.

Curricular Highlights

Human Gross Anatomy
Dog Surgery
Physical Anthropology
Comparative Anatomy
Telecommunication Production
Biomedical Communications
Cultural Anthropology
Industrial Technical Illustration
Flash Production
TESL Certification
Biophotographic Illustration
Medical Advertising Photography
Medical Illustration
Biomedical Telecommunication
Exhibit Design
Biomedical Sculpture
Animation Production
Graphic Design
FormZ Production
Chinese Language

  • Artist, One Dream Design, owner operator 2003-Present Design interactive exhibitions, sculptor, produce text book illustrations.

  • Visiting Artist, National Science Museum of the Japan Science Foundation, Tokyo, Japan 8/92. Designed interactive exhibitions.

  • Director of Medical Illustration, Curator-Heartland Museum 6/87-2003. The Heart Institute of the Desert Foundation. Organizing, creating and developing Heartland, The California Museum of the Heart. Responsibilities include: interactive exhibit conceptualization, design, sculpture, art direction, exhibit construction and staff supervision.

  • Visual Communications Fellow 9/86-6/87. The Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower Medical Center. Directed multi-image productions. Created medical illustrations and produced photovisuals for teleconferences and in house personnel. Operated Genegraphics computer graphic system and Sickles camera.

  • Biological Illustrator 7/82 - 9/86. The Ohio State University, Entomology Department. Supervisor Dr. Charles A. Triplehorn. Created illustrations for use in scientific publications, illustrated new species of insects for entomological systematists.

  • Medical Illustrator Internship, Summer 1985. The Arizona Heart Institute. Produced, art directed, photographed multi-imaged slide shows. Created medical illustrations and graphic supports.

  • Assistant to Lab-Insect Physiology 9/82-12/82. The Ohio State University, Entomology Department. Worked generating and identifying phenotypic mutations among Sarcophaga bullata to be used as genetic markers in diapause research. Maintained insect and lab environment.

  • Printer Summer 7/82-9/82. Elite Personalized Creations, Englewood, New Jersey. Operated /AB Dick 360 C.D. press, processed orthographic film into plates, color and alignment control, operated thermography apparatus.

  • Mural Painter Assistant to George Trigado artist of Greenwood Lake, New Jersey. Created large scale paintings on aluminum, plexiglass, concrete. Produced sign lettering, and large pictorial displays.

  • Assopiastrelle Design award (association of Italian Tile Manufactures), $5,000 best use of Italian ceramic tile in the USA.

  • Chosen as Outstanding Senior, School of Allied Medical Professions.

  • The Ohio State University Name and Seal Scholarship Award.

  • Summa Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Achievement.

  • National Deans List.

  • First Place Multi-Image Production, given by the Biological Photographers Association.

  • Grand Prize Best Costume, $5,000, Taft Broadcasting Costume Party.

  • Charlotte Hugo Prinns Scholarship for Independent Honors Art Program at Jersey City State College.

  • Selected to attend gifted high school student art program at Jersey City State College.

  • Literature Award given by Westwood Women's Club, Westwood, New Jersey.

  • The Association of Medical Illustrators.

  • The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

  • National Association for Museum Exhibition.

  • American Association of Museums.

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Giant animatronic heart-
Veterinary Illustration of Skeletal System-
Veterinary Illustration of Digestive System-
Animated medical illustration of a blocked coronary artery-
Laser atherectomy-
Womens body with age-
Open heart open-
Medical illustration of the structural makeup of a coronary artery-
AIDS virus attacking t-cell-
Insect Illustration-
Veterinary Illustration of Muscular System-
Women with chest pain-
Logo and package design-
Electronic illustration for Stroke Advertisement -
Electronic illustration of a papilloma in the lactiferous ducts of the breast-
Electronic illustration of a clot in a coronary artery-
Life Cycle of Hook Worm-
Scabies mite book illustration-

Award Winning Ceramic Floor Design Gets to the Heart of Wellness -
Interior Design of Heart Hospital Patient Rooms -
Interior Design of Hospital Lobby -
Exhibit Design and the California Museum of the Heart -
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